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The Imam Hussein Charity

is a UK based and registered charity.

The main objective behind this establishment is to facilitate the empowerment of the deprived and underprivileged youth. Through the various development programs which we initiate and support in Iraq, we aim to empower the people from the very grass roots; to nurture them and equip them, to allow them to become the future leaders who will lead the country towards political, economic, social and religious prosperity.

We are also involved in campaigns where immediate relief is provided to the distressed and displaced people of Iraq and beyond. Additionally, we are committed towards motivating and ensuring that our youth in London excel as positive members of the local community.

We are in the process of conducting various youth activities and seminars throughout the year to help facilitate for our youth to unlock the potential within them at multiple fronts.

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Our Inspiration

What inspired us to establish the Imam Hussein Charity? What drives our foundation to overcome every obstacle in order to empower the people around us? What inspires our donors to ensure the success of our projects and the betterment of humanity?

Almost 1400 years the grandson of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – Imam Hussein (peace be upon him and his progeny) bravely sacrificed his soul as he stood to defend the values of humanity. A Divine Saint, A courageous warrior, A compassionate father, A loving Leader – these are but a few of his attributes.

Imam Hussein (peace be upon him and his progeny) has been a source of inspiration towards virtue and purity for over ten centuries. He changed the course of human history – Mahatma Ghandhi, Charles Dickens, Thomas Carlyle, Antoine Bara are some of the very few individuals who have been inspired by Imam Hussein (peace be upon him and his progeny). 

Today, we at IHC are also taking a step towards changing history by establishing a foundation in his name in order to make the world a better place.

Be inspired by Imam Hussein (peace be upon him and his progeny) and help towards the betterment of humanity by donating today. 

Our Ethos

Since we are a community-based charity that is crowd-funded, through collaboration with the different community members and organisations, we aim to create synergies so as to maximise the benefits for all our beneficiaries whilst fostering strong ties of friendship and brotherhood within the different communities in London and beyond.

The Imam Hussein Charity is committed to a high standard of ethics and transparency.

In addition to our annual audits, each completed campaign is followed up with a detailed report to provide all our donors and stakeholders with full accountability of how their money is spent as well as to see for themselves the fruits of their contributions.