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The orphans of Iraq are the victims of untold horrors.

Every day they are witnesses to killings and suicide bombings – some of them even survivors to these tragic events.

Their innocent and beautiful lives have been upheaved with the loss of their fathers, mothers or both. In a world where the orphan has no reason to smile, we step in to do our small bit. We at the Imam Hussein Charity understand that the smile of an orphan is priceless. We try to bring the little joys of life to the under-privileged children by helping them enjoy the simple yet finer luxuries of life.

How it works:

During festive seasons like Eid or the birth anniversaries of any of the pure members of Ahlul Bayt (S), Imam Hussein Charity treats the orphans to a dining experience in a restaurant. This allows them to experience the happiness associated with these religious occasions.

The orphans are treated to a restaurant where they are seated and served a five-course menu of their choice. This gives us the opportunity to bring some sort of joy and delight to children who have seen nothing but war, bloodshed and violence. Before they are sent home we give them a present ranging from toys, book and clothes 

How many Orphans do you take out ?

Anywhere between 100-200  orphans.

How do you transport them there and back?

We hire a coach to take them to the park and then to the restaurant and then return them home.