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Over 2 billion people have no access to clean water.

Half of the global population have no access to sanitation and 3 billion people have no access to clean water facilities to clean their hands with soap. In Afghanistan the necessity for clean water is immensely increasing. 

Without access to clean water, peoples health, nutrition, education and learning abilities are affected, thus impacting many aspects of their lives. Everyday communities across the globe are in need of safe sources of water for drinking, washing, cooking, rearing livestock and watering crops. Yet for these millions of people, this simple essential is out of reach.   

Imam Hussein Charity managed to provide clean drinking fountains in Karbala with the Al Abbas Water Campaign. It consisted of a modern fountain supporting 2 to 3 taps and a cooling unit, with storage of up to 20 liters. Though the campaign was successful, locals require more water and not just for drinking.   

This Ramadan, Imam Hussein Charity aims to build water wells in Afghanistan. Providing fresh clean water for people to drink, sanitize and clean. Water is the source of life so let us bring livelihood to our brothers and sisters.


With more and more victims of war and poverty the Middle East has seen a surge in patients seeking medical aid.

Iraq alone has 2.4 million people without access to medical aid, Syria has a severe medical crisis as infrastructure has been destroyed resulting in a lack of shelter, energy resources, deterioration of water and sanitisation services. In Afghanistan due to lack of funding and devastating conflict, the health service in Afghanistan is at breaking point. 

Imam Hussein Charity aims to help provide a better future for these impoverished patients. Aiding them with finances for prescriptions and well as dialysis of the kidney. 

Help us heal our brother and sisters.


Homelessness is a global issue that needs to be addressed and unfortunately
our brothers and sisters are also victims to this struggle.

With previous wars and unstable governments recent figures show how homelessness has reached figures into the millions.

Some people have homes but structural damages to their properties make it difficult to seek refuge and protection from the weather.

  • Iraq = 1.2 million homeless
  • Syria = 6.5 million homeless
  • Afghanistan = 4.6 million homeless

Imam Hussein Charity seeks to help those who have structural damages to their homes as well as to help with homeless housing schemes. 

For those who have structural damage Imam Hussein Charity will raise money to purchase material and labor to mend houses. This will include cracks and holes in the walls, damages to roof as well as other miscellaneous hazards around the home that need attention and repair.    

The housing schemes are created to help house displaced families or those who cannot continue to live in their damaged homes.

Brand new inhabitable spaces are created to house victims of homelessness, to give them the best head start into rebuilding their lives. 

For those who have homes and also significant structural damages to the property, Imam Hussein Charity aims to help provide laborers and building materials to fix any leaks, damages, damp as well as health and safety hazards to provide the safest place for families to reside. 

Help save a home and families.


4.5 million children alone are living below the poverty line in Iraq today and sadly, this number continues to increase, with the poverty rate climbing to 31.7% as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic taking its toll on the economy.

We all know what it is like to fast for a long period of time and with the holy month of Ramadan around the corner, help us to feed those who do not have food for their iftar. 

In previous years, we have been able to collect and feed thousands of struggling families, this year we intend to provide our Ramadan food baskets to at least 10,000 families in Iraq. Each basket contains a variety of food essentials such as rice, flour, meat, vegetables, lentils, dried lemons, oil, tea and of course, dates so that struggling families are able to sit down together and have a meal.

What Can You Do?

IHC has many projects and campaigns to feed the hungry in Iraq and afghanistan. 

You can provide a food basket which will feed a family of 4 for 10 days for just £25. Thats £75 to feed a family for the whole of Ramadhan.  

You can donate £30 and our local husainiya in Karbala and Herat will feed 1 person iftar for the whole of Ramadhan. Thats £1 an iftar meal  

You can donate to the misbah food card initiative that credits a store card with £20 or £40 and allows an individual to purchase groceries instead of queuing up outside a food bank. 

Make your donation count by donating to IHC today!

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