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Over 2 billion people have no access to clean water.

Half of the global population have no access to sanitation and 3 billion people have no access to clean water facilities to clean their hands with soap. In Afghanistan the necessity for clean water is immensely increasing. 

Without access to clean water, peoples health, nutrition, education and learning abilities are affected, thus impacting many aspects of their lives. Everyday communities across the globe are in need of safe sources of water for drinking, washing, cooking, rearing livestock and watering crops. Yet for these millions of people, this simple essential is out of reach.   

Imam Hussein Charity managed to provide clean drinking fountains in Karbala with the Al Abbas Water Campaign. It consisted of a modern fountain supporting 2 to 3 taps and a cooling unit, with storage of up to 20 liters. Though the campaign was successful, locals require more water and not just for drinking.   

This Ramadan, Imam Hussein Charity aims to build water wells in Afghanistan. Providing fresh clean water for people to drink, sanitize and clean. Water is the source of life so let us bring livelihood to our brothers and sisters.